**3000 Dead in WTC

**3000 Dead in WTC Bunki Bunki
Sep 11, 2006
**3000 Dead in WTC Sept 11, 2001--67,574 Dead from Drunk Driving since then
Well, we have been "treated" to all kinds of memorials to the 3,000 workers who died September 11, 2001 as a result of a terrorist attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. The Bush administration has dumped something over 300 billion dollars in Iraq of all places on the ostensible justification of justice for the survivors of the 3000 dead.

Now, terrible as was 9-11, let's get that into perspective.

17,448 people were killed in drunk driving related fatalities in 2001
17,419 in 2002
17,013 in 2003
16,694 in 2004
which totaled
67,574 people killed in alcohol-related fatalities in four years.

Those 67,574 deaths were just as needless as those lost in the 9-11 terror. They were just as needless as the 2300 US soldiers deaths in Iraq. What have we gained from those killed by drunk drivers? What have we gained from the deaths of 2300 US soldies and the wounding mentally and physically of over 60,000 more?

Not much difference I would guess. I would also guess of the 57,000 killed in alcohol-related drunken driving that many were innocents with many family members and friends grieving for them. How much federal money has been dumped on the doorsteps of those families?

Drunken driving is a problem that can be solved. The Iraq war is a problem that gets worse every year we are there.

When will we start waving American flags for the mothers, fathers, children, and neighbors killed by drunken drivers? We have roughly 20 times as many reasons to consider this problem as more serious than the terrorism problem. Drunken driving is a form of traffic terrorism.

What kind of national priorities convince us that we should piss $Billions away on a futile war and do by comparison next to nothing to stop 20 times as many deaths from drunken driving?

Do you know? Bush, Inc. is insane seems to be an answer. Congresss sleeping with the liquor industry might be the whispering in their ears unlike any voice of God crying revenge on Iraq for something done by crazies from other countries.

Have you had enough of crazy Republican government yet? If not, why not? It should not take us 5 years to figure out that our national priorities are upside down.

**Stay tuned. ..no more statistics tonight---Doug Wiken

Right as it is modild
I'd consider this issue even more important not to say scary, though I do see your approach as significant:

"Even before the events of 11 September 2001, the heads of state in the United States and Britain concentrated and consolidated executive power and tried to constrain judicial autonomy. Democracy in the West may now be more formal than real."


Guarded by the threat of terrorism democracy is slowly but firm weakened, and we're left with nothing but an imagination about how it really was.

Somebody should do something, huh? :)

Regards Modild