Breathing easy...

Breathing easy... acoke
Breathing easy.
For the first time in I don´t know how long.
Taking one day at a time,
Knowing we both will hold on...

Tried so hard at first,
To really not let anyone in, especially you.
´Cause I knew... And still know,'
How hard it is to lose someone to smile to...

But noone can stand in the fire and not get burnt,
You crept in and under my skin.
And witout me noticing,
You showed me how to look past my sin...

We both knew you had to leave,
We knew even before the start,
Don´t know if we chose wisely yet,
But these feelings in my heart...

So I´ll be here upon your return,
Gonna be a year I know.
But I´ll be waiting none the less,
´Cause without you, where should I go..?

sooner or later kaiogkaren
we all shall loose. But still have a hope, I hope.