engelsk digt

engelsk digt *_*_*
just a child. only 14.
Living life, like no one should.
So many people, but so alone.
The same thing everyday.
try too get trough the day.
Fake a smile. Telling lies.
Screaming desperate for help.
Try too give a sign, but no one answear.
Assuming everything is okay.
But if they tried, they could see, its not.
See through the fake side, of her.
Look her into the eyes and hold her.
Only then they are gone and she can close her door.
That’s then the true side shows.
Turn up, the music, so no one hear her scream.
Breaking into tears. Thousand of tears runs down.
She cant no longer pretend, the truth shows.
So afraid as she is, she have too escape.
she takes of her shirt. On her arm, the scars so many shows.
She punish herself. For the food she ate. For being alone.
Blood runs on her arm like tears on her cheek.
She don’t feel pain. She cover her scars. So no one knows.
She opens up a closet so she can take bottles of poison..
She feel lost but it will change. Soon she will relaxe.
Everything, will be okay. No tears. No fears, nothing.
On the bed she lyes down. Closing her eyes.
Never too know if it will be for the last time.
She is ready. She is no longer afraid.

respons ...
rigtig flot skrevet, vækker genkendelse hvor jeg dog håber det ikke er fra dit eget liv

mange tak *_*_*
tak for rosen. det er det desværre.