Jagten på drømmekvinden 9

Jagten på drømmekvinden 9 aviaaja7
Hej (:

Jeg vil meget gerne høre om der er nogen der ved hvem Lorenzo valgte i jagten på drømmekvinden 9 ?
Jeg var kommet til at se det gangen før afslutningen , og det irriterer mig at jeg ikke så afslutningen.

Håber nogen kan svare mig.

Aviaaja (:

Jen hane
Han valgte Jen. Men de er gået fra hinanden igen, har jeg læst på et sted på nettet i en artikel fra usa.

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The Bachelor Rome: The Prince Takes A Princess

Finale Recap by Donna Emery
November 29, 2006

As the girls got ready, they were both excited and scared. Sadie said "I'm inches away from my dream. This is IT. When he looks at me, no one else matters. I want him." Jennifer was equally excited. "I am in the final two, and it started with 27. And I've fallen in love."

Lorenzo paced. "I have to make a decision. I have the blessings of both dads." He went to see the ring that his mother had designed. It had a huge diamond. He said he could see it on either of the girls. He described Sadie as "a truly special girl. She's fun, and exciting, and makes me happy." He said that Jennifer has "incredible qualities. She has the love of her family, and I trust her. She brings me excitement."

Sadie continued reflecting, as she looked at herself in the mirror. "I'm a virgin. I want all or nothing. I feel like I'm ready to give it all to Lorenzo. I care about him. It's real. I care more than my heart is ready to admit." Jennifer didn't know what she felt. But she finally admitted that she was "scared. I need to breathe deeply. I hope it's me!"

Lorenzo had finally decided. "I have a pretty good idea now, but I have to hurt someone. I have to go with my gut and my heart. Now I can look forward to the second part of the ceremony."

Sadie was the first to reach the castle. She looked lovely in her white dress. Lorenzo said she looked "unbelievable." Sadie was hoping that he would go down on one knee and say the words she was waiting for. He seemed hesitant to start. "When I met you I knew I wanted you to stick around. There was something about you that I loved. I cared for you. When we went flying I felt your trust in me. Trust is important. You gave me an incredible experience. You went out on a limb. I know it was hard to be as open as you were." He paused, and took a breath.

He reminded her of her criteria for the perfect man. He said that on the list, she'd said her man must be someone who couldn't fathom being with any other woman. "You know there's another woman involved. And for today - for this moment in time, I'd rather be with her."

Sadie was quiet at first. But she quietly responded, "you know what's best for you." She wanted to be happy and gracious, so she said thank you and bravely smiled. But Lorenzo remained intense, and continued looking at her. "What's wrong?" she asked. He wanted to know if she'd be OK. "Yes, I'll be OK. But why'd I even...." He asked her to finish her thought. She said "I was foolish. I thought our feelings were real, but I was wrong." But Lorenzo reassured her that the feelings they'd shared with each other had been real. "What I said...it was real. So don't think it's not." He tenderly hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

Sadly, he walked her to the car and helped her inside. He said that watching Sadie drive away had been the worst moment of the show. "Some people think that being the Bachelor is a 'walk in the park'. But it's not just hanging out with 25 women. There are girls, and families. There are real emotions. It's a terrible thing to hurt someone."

Sadie was crying in the limo. "I thought we had something. How could I feel so strongly, when he didn't? I took such a chance! She said that everyone on the show had taken a chance, but she felt like she'd taken more of a chance than some of the others. "I didn't date for fear of getting hurt. But now I've just gotten hurt again!"

With the sad part over, Lorenzo was free to share his heart: "I was looking for love and I've found it. Jen has all the characteristics that I am looking for. I can see her as my wife. In 40 years, I can imagine waking up with her."

Jennifer was on her way to the castle. "I put myself out there. He could be the one. It's exciting. I'm scared but this could be my perfect fairy tale." She looked in, and saw him waiting. He greeted her with a hug. He started his speech.

"I came here looking for love with one woman. I didn't want 25. I wanted one. I don't know where love starts. Do you remember what I said about my third wish at the Trevi fountain? How I couldn't tell you because it hadn't yet come true? Well, now it has. My wish was to be standing here; at the end of this craziness being sure I had made the right decision."

He paused and dug into his pocket. He held out the box, and showed her the ring. "This is a family ring. My mom and her friends designed it. I love you. I love everything about you. I can't ask you to marry me tonight, but I know I love you. Right now, we are here in the 'Garden of Eden'. But we've got to see if our love can last on Planet Earth." He asked if he could put the ring on her hand, and she said yes.

Jen was elated. "I've fallen in love. I want to make it work. My journey's at an end."

Lorenzo told her that he was happy she was standing in front of him. He kissed her, and lifted her in his arms, as the show ended. Jennifer said that she'd found the man she could spend her life with. Lorenzo gave her the final rose, and said he was glad it was the last rose he'd have to give her. He vowed they'd start a new chapter of their life. "Good bye Rome!" he said. "Hello New York City!" she responded. The show ended with a montage of shots of Jen and Lorenzo's love story, which had evolved through the show.

I'm kind of sad it's over, though if you've read my articles and scoreboards you know I've rooted for and predicted that he'd choose Jen. If you want to know why I'm feeling less than jubilant, check out my commentary about the finale coming later this week.

The show also announced the spring premiere of the next season of the Bachelor. They talked about handsome Dr. Andy Baldwin, who is an Iron Man competitor. Andy claims he wants to look for real love, and settle down and get married. He said he's a family man. We'll see him in January.

Donna is a nurse and teacher, and a mother of 5. She lives in Pennsylvania and is admittedly addicted to many reality shows. You can reach her at DonnaEmery@RealityTVCalendar.com

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Mange tak for det. Jeg synes det skulle have været Sadie eller hvad hun hed. men de er så gået fra hinanden, så det er lidt lige meget (: