private teacher on Chinese or a job like typist...

private teacher on Chinese or a job like typist... ccy166
Hi, very coincident to find this website. I'm a student from China, and I just arrived in Copenhagen for some days. I'll live, study and work here for a long time. I just found this website, and since I don't understand Danish, I had to translate the words on the page and made it known to me. hah...I'm here to leave a message on job hunting and making friends.

Firstly, I hope that I can be a private teacher on Chinese. Please note that being a Chinese is not the only reason for me to be a Chinese teacher. I researched deeply in my native language. My articles were published on magazines and I also wrote fiction when I was just in high school. Moreover, my pronunciation is standard and clear, without dialect. Problem is that you should know some English or you have a little foundation on Chinese, so as to make the study feasible.

While I can also type very fast, for I have used computer for more than 10 years. And my operation on Office Word & Excel is good, as well.

some normal jobs for foreign students, like cleaner is also ok. And I can play piano and electronic organ too. I got a very high grade on it before, but because of busy study in school, I didn't touch it for a long time. However, I still have good impression and knowledge on it. So I can teach a child or an alike beginner.

Furthermore, I'm also very happy to know more people and make friend with you. This is my MSN: my e-mail: You can add me or send e-mail to me if you like.

If you or your friends need a person for the jobs I mentioned above, or you know other websites or places to show my self recommendation, please tell me. Reply my post, add my MSN or send e-mail to me, either one is ok.

Thank you very much[;)]

why oh why Hola
do you want to teach other people chinese? English is the answer,but as you probable know already,most Danish children are taught english in school at a very early age. Why don`t you try a job centre and look for work there? Why don`t you try learning Danish,you will find that it will be a great help for you if you were to work in DK.I wish you the best of luck!