Today I am celebrating

Today I am celebrating T-T-T-T
Our world has gotten hope, . “”Our technologies made our world small and accessible for all “”
What more natural than as to have a world leader.
One who has the ability and support to move, stimulate, and build bridges.

Obama has the ability to Unite.

I will happily put my efforts and future in his hands, his spirits and hope he can make it happen for all of us.

Kind regards

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Well, let us just hope, but ...

"Actions speak louder than words."

That's all from me.

Well then celebrate now nohope nobush
Soon, very soon people will realise that Obama isn`t the new Jesus, but an ordinary man, who might have visions, but lacks ability to change anything at all.

Obama have said that he will talk to people and settle problems that way instead og war, but how can he talk to Iran and make them stop their nuclear missiles?

Can he talk to terrorrists and make them stop?

Can he stop al quida just by talking?

Or stop the Afghan war?

If people voted for Obama in hope of a better world, they are in for the biggest disappoinment ever, but he can make the US a little better for the poorest americans.....If he can find the money for it!

No doubt that he wil be a more popular president than Bush, but honestly....Everyone would.