When you came into my life!

When you came into my life! devil_tiger
When you came into to my life,
I was standig on the egde with a knife.
I didn´t thought anyone would love me,
but you came, you sat my heart free.
Now It belongs to you,
and you know that is true.
You are the sunshine on my rainy day,
and I cry when you go away.
Before you came, I coulden´t think clear.
The future was my biggest fear.
It still is, but now I know,
You help me, you make me flow.
I had so many worries in my heart,
draw then down as art.
You have a picture with a story,
a story of me who´s sorry,
sorry for not being able to be there.
And I now it´s not fair.
But you were there, you let me cry,
You make me smile, at least you try.
I thank you for that, now I don´t fear,
Now I now you are always near.

Love you Thomas!

K.H Devil_tiger

nøj hvor er det godt mille-smiley
sys du er kommet godt fra det digt der, det er bare super....